Social Media: Online Persona’s vs You

That which a man truly is, is vastly more important than what he appears to be. You shouldn’t spend time trying to live up to expectations people have of you. When they tell you that you are different. . . Thank them for the compliment!

Your Facebook page and Instagram accounts have their own online personas. You created an identity for yourself that exist in this virtual place. This ‘quasi-pseudo-sham’ version of you is searched, shared, discussed, and picked apart by others. In turn, you have an internal voice expressing the need to  live up to this other version. You have to feed your ego by adding content to the show. Countless time of your life is spent adding to the online parade. Look what I ate. I did this.. I went here.. Look at me… Tell me I’m pretty. The episode goes on and on. Now don’t get me wrong, social media is not the enemy and it can be a very useful tool. Your ego is the enemy. 

A recent 2017 study by globalwebindex provided some interesting data. The report showed that 42% of the people use the internet to see what their friends are doing and 27% are looking to meet someone new. To conceptualize further. . . Nearly half of the people on the internet are spending their time trying to see what someone else is completing, accomplishing, or experiencing in their life? Nearly one third are looking to network or find romance? We can deduct that a lot of individuals are not truly present to enjoy their own life experience. Not only are they not present; they are concerned with how their online identity is presented within it’s faux existence.

You don’t need to make choices or worry about living up to factitious-imitative-synthetic expectations. It’s ok to be boring in the minds of the nonproductive trollers!  Creating enjoyment for others should not be one of your greatest accomplishments. In reality it will be the biggest thing holding you back. 

Be genuine. Spend time cultivating ideas and transforming yourself according to the REAL YOU that’s inside. The things that align with your passion are what the REAL YOU is starving for. When your cup is empty- there’s nothing to pour out. If you lack the ability to provide for others, that is a sign you lack the ability to provide for yourself.

Individuals that carry on everyday ignoring their own faults are destined for ruin. They are too distracted and preoccupied with their glorious internal idea of self. In short, their ego controls their choices. They cannot bring themselves out of a hole because they lack the humility to figure out what they did to fall in. We all have an ego to some degree and that monster demands to be fed constantly. Think of the ego as an imaginary human or artificial intelligence trying to create itself into something real. If the ego could grow its own skin and walk around. . . it would. It wants everything.

Be. Be the undeniable YOU.

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