The dark journey to the mysterious path is behind every turn. That glorious shadow lurks in the corner of the room at all times. Only ignorance breeds the idea of potential escape. The thing we all fear the most is coming; the unknown.
Your life will be snatched away. Everyone you leave behind will feel robbed and empty. They can only find comfort in your achievements and memoirs. What are you accomplishing right now?
What did you do with this time? 
Did you spend it dispensing ‘likes’ and writing gratifying yet empty comments to your friends? Did you spend these years laboring for a company? Was your time spent ensuring another man’s organization broke stock ticker records? Did you help anyone? Did you encourage people?
Death will inadvertently become an advantage. You will finally know the true members of your tribe. Time is no longer wasted on the alleged affiliates. Complaints no longer reside within your disposition and your ego-  downsized to nonexistence.
Give yourself a reality check.
What did you do? What are you doing? Where are you going?

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