You Gotta Be Hungry

When you’re working on something you want to achieve, you have got to stand up to that voice. You’ve got to sell yourself every day on your abilities on what you’re doing, on the goal that you want to reach. You’ve got to sell yourself every day, every day, every day. According to your level of belief it will manifest itself in what you’re doing. Whatever we have right now, whatever we’re demonstrating in our lives is a result of what we believe sub-consciously that we deserve. And part of increasing that belief level is that you have got to convince yourself every day. You’ve got to sell yourself.

When you have something you want to do, if you don’t develop the courage to do that which has been given you to do and you spend a lot of time going around trying to convince other people of trying to get their approval, what will happen is that you will lose your nerve. And other people will convince you that what you are doing doesn’t have any value and you give up on your dream. It’s an interesting thing about life, I’ve also found, that if you don’t have the courage to act, sometimes and particularly if you have something special to do, life will move on you.

Most of us don’t use the stuff that we have brought into the universe. And we want to make a conscious deliberate determined effort to start living life with a sense of urgency and using what we’ve got, using ourselves up, sharing what we brought into the universe to share, because if we don’t, nobody else will. Stop wasting valuable time. Knowing that if we begin to live our lives as if each day were our last, our lives will take on a whole new meaning.


Excerpts: Les Brown: You Gotta be Hungry


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