Living Life With Purpose- Imagine Today

I want you to do something. No, actually that isn’t true- You need You to do something. I must warn you that this may be very difficult and uncomfortable. You need to sit back for a moment and close your eyes for 15 to 30 seconds. . .

Vividly imagine with all of your might and with extreme detail: Your mother, father, husband, wife, or even one of your own children would be gone tomorrow. Perhaps you can imagine there are only 48 hours left of your own life.

Are you finished? . . Let’s go deeper into this. Can either of you die today with no regrets?

Now you should feel it. This moment now. . . Yes, this is it! This state of singularity is truly real. Unexpected and unwarranted you suddenly become awake!!!

By the virtue of death, loss, and mortality something magical unfolds; truth and purpose. Losing a loved one makes the world stop spinning: What your friends are doing doesn’t matter- the post someone liked on Facebook is irrelevant- rude cashier at the store is forgotten- the rude text message you read earlier is mentally deleted.

Your perception of meaningless things, thoughts, habits, and even people abruptly fashion to a diminished essence. The illusion of control quickly subdues. Stress and anxiety no longer dangle beyond the bounds of your spirit. This ‘quantum-emotional chaos’ creates new emotions – eradicating others.

As a result of your destitution, your unconditional closeness seems as if it was snatched out of your grasp.  Isolation and desertion reside where comfort and compassion once lived. Your life is reformed through the disappearance of value, compassion, morality, and love. People you trusted most begin to expose their agendas throughout the duration of your squandering.  In search of your foes, you begin losing friends. The depletion of the life you once knew, or foolishly thought existed, shapes into something real. Alleged loyalist suddenly modify their commitment. The trace of their stench creates more emotional disruption. A filthy residue of anger, pain, and resentment is left behind.

Not all is lost. Maneuvering through the complexity of the world becomes simple. Through the solitude and abandonment your mind suddenly undergoes metamorphism. The illumination of truth begins to craft confidence and capability in your heart. Clarity becomes a stepping stone towards an unmistakable purpose. Now you can see what has been holding you back. The phantasm of loyalty and expectations fade to black.

The REAL YOU starts to come back to life! In an attempt to impetuously move forward, you are gifted with wisdom. Performance and accomplishment begins to reach heightened levels. The fucks you previously gave hit an all-time low.

Now you understand love deeper than before. Now you confide in skepticism. Your gut becomes your guide. Loyalty is no longer a free badge neglectfully worn by friends and family.  The declaration of devoted allies was previously accepted on good faith. Adversaries no longer assail in darkness with forged affection.

The opening of your eyes is never a guarantee. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone; therefore, make changes today. Do not make the mistake of speculating opportunities or even people will be there tomorrow.

Every moment you take a breath- you’re a moment closer. Remove anything that does not enhance your life experience. Love every second and live everyday like you are dying tomorrow. 


Procrastination: the act or habit of putting off or delaying; especially something requiring immediate attention. The act of willfully delaying the doing of something that should be done.

The hand of the diligent will rule, but the slack hand will be put to forced labor.– Proverbs 12:24
YOU SAID YOU WANTED: (allegedly)
  • A promotion. . . but won’t get to work on time. 
  • To get rich. . . but you’re in the bed.
  • To start a company. . . but you’re laying on the couch.
  • A healthy relationship. . . but you don’t want to listen to your spouse.
  • A clean home. . . you won’t do the dishes.
  • Your kids to do well in school. . . but you’re too tired to help them succeed.

You desire all these things, yet lack the willpower to produce a glimpse of effort. You could stop being lazy, but you’re too lazy to do it.
Only hard work yields riches. The display of dedication and being uncomfortable spawns accomplishment.
There is not a soul that accomplished their dreams being lethargic.  Never put off what you can do today. Convincing yourself you will do it tomorrow is what you said yesterday.
Nothing comes to a sleeper aside from a dream and flourishment belongs to the assiduous.
The only antidote for procrastination is action. 

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln
“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Confucius


Endurance: from Old French, from endurer ‘make hard’. Additional meaning- the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

Be mindful of how diamonds are created; intense heat, pressure, and endurance.

When life becomes difficult you must have the endurance to continue. Press on and pick your head up.

Finish fast or finish slow. Just finish. The pressure and pain are good for you. The obstacles are there shaping the paramount of your legacy.

It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop. -Confucius


The dark journey to the mysterious path is behind every turn. That glorious shadow lurks in the corner of the room at all times. Only ignorance breeds the idea of potential escape. The thing we all fear the most is coming; the unknown.
Your life will be snatched away. Everyone you leave behind will feel robbed and empty. They can only find comfort in your achievements and memoirs. What are you accomplishing right now?
What did you do with this time? 
Did you spend it dispensing ‘likes’ and writing gratifying yet empty comments to your friends? Did you spend these years laboring for a company? Was your time spent ensuring another man’s organization broke stock ticker records? Did you help anyone? Did you encourage people?
Death will inadvertently become an advantage. You will finally know the true members of your tribe. Time is no longer wasted on the alleged affiliates. Complaints no longer reside within your disposition and your ego-  downsized to nonexistence.
Give yourself a reality check.
What did you do? What are you doing? Where are you going?

Time Management: A Currency for Life

We have a certain amount of energy that we can allocate towards feelings, work, rest, and refreshment each day. This energy can be defined in a currency; merits. These merits must fit inside the daily budget.

Imagine you have 100 merits each day: Should you spend 20 merits complaining about your coworker…Knowing that you want to spend 30 merits of quality time with a loved one later in the evening? You know that your budget will be exceeded before lunch time with that mindset.

As something arises for us to face, we need to understand there is a cost associated. Taking that break or resting will cost merits; giving that incident, being upset, checking your phone, reliving arguments, or sometimes people drain our merits.

Living a lavish life requires us to be mindful of waste. What are you wasting merits on? Stuck in your emotions about something that bothered you yesterday is wasteful. Checking that Facebook post, responding to that funny meme, searching and liking other people’s false reality on social media is a waste. Social media is a tool and we need to use it wisely.

The more merits we preoccupy with things; the less value we will have in our life experience. You must take accountability for the budget. Using your daily allocation wisely will only create more fulfillment and productivity in your life.

When your account begins reaching a desolate and depleted status, you will begin to feel the effects of having less. You will feel less productive, you can receive appreciation, and a sense of being overwhelmed will take over.

When your account is managed properly others will feel the effects with you. Living for others is part of God’s purpose. You then have the ability to allocate merits to your partner’s needs, the ability to do more at work, you aren’t disrupted by small incidents, you have the ability to put your feelings to the side… You begin to glow. Your account gains more interest and dividends are paid.