Life Without Limits

plural noun: limitations- limiting rule or circumstance; a restriction.

Working around the clock, cleaning the house, going to soccer practice, trips to the grocery store, shopping for clothes. . . It goes on and on and on. . . You are constantly doing something. So-called things that you are supposed to do. This is your life now. And your life has crafted into some sort of assembly line. This ‘checkbox’ experience has become the norm for human existence. Your dreams were left behind in order to live the life meant for someone else. At one point you had a dream. Creativity permeated the air surrounding you.

Unintentionally you permitted someone to alter your destiny. Simply by being around other people you can mistakenly absorb the negative words they use. You had an idea and tossed it away because some other moron said it was impossible. Perhaps you tried it and failed. The moment you quit- the moment limitations are manufactured.

These limits are keeping you from your destiny. Inhabiting behind this wall for longer than you can remember. Enclosed within this prison of limitations; unknowingly becoming a hostage. So much time has passed. Through this duration you have stumbled upon comfort. Shattering the glass ceiling would be too painful; therefore, dwelling is here is inevitable. Electing to avoid the pain of change.

“I’m too busy.”– – -You have confused motion with action. Through this idleness and inactivity your time is consistently restructured and handed over to distractions. You enrolled your life to the subscription of other’s desires. Engaging in meaningless conversations or cemented on the couch. Conceivably being further limited by parading the beta version of yourself on social media. Crippled.. .Laissez-faire.

In order to grow, one must suffer. Being the opposition of society or loved ones can be painful.  Understand that even the creation of you is painful. Birth is painful; therefore, we are born into pain. Never be complacent, yet be comfortable with pain.

Open your arms to the torment. Embark upon the aches and discomforts. Realize that pain catalyzes the changes you seek. Enduring irritation is the key to the unlocking these  chains.

Limitations do not exist. If anyone determines you cannot obtain your dreams, it should be you. Never conform. 

Negative Self-Talk

Internal characterless statements expunge all validity of our progress.

  • I just want to be happy.
  • I want what’s best for you.
  • I hope things get better for me.

These crumbling phrases paralyze the human spirit. Consequently and unknowingly, creating a self-defeating vigor within your brittle mind.

You cannot afford to be ambiguous. The clock is still ticking – time is running out! You must speak clarity and conviction to your soul.

Engage Your Subconscious Mind

Write things down once your thoughts become meaningful or your goals become truth.  You must review them. Over and over. And over again- every single day!

The practice of writing things down is an accessory to a powerful mind. Psychologically this practice is proven to increase memory, minimize distractions, and sharpen the brain when you get older. Unload the burdens of your brain. Increase the potentiality.

If ever your emotions inaugurate feelings of defeat or surrender; your true self will override these impromptu notifications. Focus, concentration, and diligence will flow with ease. Contemplations suddenly are disciplined. Circumstances will be viewed from the mountain, not the trenches.

Suffering is the catalyst for growth! Be thankful for it and scream something positive to the bogeyman.

Give birth to a conviction within yourself to DO BETTER! 

You must apply discipline and consistency to achieve your goals. You have to plan everyday. Hard work . . . works!- Denzel Washington


PAIN & TRAUMA: S*** that Sucks

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:2-4

Traumatic events in life can completely rock us to the crux of identity; the foundation and most important part of who we are. Fundamentals gain value while complexity and elaborate entanglements become dull. Trauma makes us reorganize our priorities; altering our presence. Instead of being able to love, appreciate, focus, perform, or help others – we become stagnant and lifeless.

When you are faced with pain, don’t pray for God to remove or change the circumstances. Pray for strength and endurance to bear your cross. Your pain causes you to pray; that gives God all the more glory.

Understand that your pain will someday be useful. If necessary, convince yourself that pain is a motivator. Pain awakens and activates success.  Wealth, a healthy marriage, and good relationships are the byproducts of agony and distress.

Confront your trauma and pain head on. Embrace your burdens; thank your misfortunes for the imminent dividends!

Time Management: A Currency for Life

We have a certain amount of energy that we can allocate towards feelings, work, rest, and refreshment each day. This energy can be defined in a currency; merits. These merits must fit inside the daily budget.

Imagine you have 100 merits each day: Should you spend 20 merits complaining about your coworker…Knowing that you want to spend 30 merits of quality time with a loved one later in the evening? You know that your budget will be exceeded before lunch time with that mindset.

As something arises for us to face, we need to understand there is a cost associated. Taking that break or resting will cost merits; giving that incident, being upset, checking your phone, reliving arguments, or sometimes people drain our merits.

Living a lavish life requires us to be mindful of waste. What are you wasting merits on? Stuck in your emotions about something that bothered you yesterday is wasteful. Checking that Facebook post, responding to that funny meme, searching and liking other people’s false reality on social media is a waste. Social media is a tool and we need to use it wisely.

The more merits we preoccupy with things; the less value we will have in our life experience. You must take accountability for the budget. Using your daily allocation wisely will only create more fulfillment and productivity in your life.

When your account begins reaching a desolate and depleted status, you will begin to feel the effects of having less. You will feel less productive, you can receive appreciation, and a sense of being overwhelmed will take over.

When your account is managed properly others will feel the effects with you. Living for others is part of God’s purpose. You then have the ability to allocate merits to your partner’s needs, the ability to do more at work, you aren’t disrupted by small incidents, you have the ability to put your feelings to the side… You begin to glow. Your account gains more interest and dividends are paid.